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A bespoke training platform that helps you improve your organisation’s  governance, compliance and legal functions.

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There is something here for every organisation – and more content is being worked on as you read this.  Some topics are of general application: some are for specific groups or industries; The course description will tell you whether it is for you. If in a doubt or you want something more bespoke please email us.

Senior Management

Designed to highlight key risks and principles to busy senior management to help inform key decisions needed for their business.

Inhouse legal and compliance

Helping inhouse counsel keep on top of their subject for the benefit of the business; informing decisions around possible training requirements throughout the organisation.

General staff

Helping colleagues make informed decisions in their day to day activities ensuring they are acting in the best interests of the business.

James Haddleton

About Haddletons

Haddletons supports organisations’ senior executive  and in-house legal teams with their strategic, governance, compliance and legal needs as well as advising on supporting systems. The service is delivered mainly by former in-house lawyers and successful business people at a fixed cost through a mixture of legal and consultancy services.

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