Billing & Payment

We accept payment through our shopping basket with the following methods.

  • Card payments – We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  • Invoice – you can opt to pay via invoice and we accept BACS payment.

If you have trouble purchasing course please our contact support team.

If you are required by your organisation to pay via invoice you can select this within our checkout.

Once you have purchased you will receive an invoice and we accept BACs payment. If you do not pay our invoice within our invoice terms we reserve the right to remove course access until payment is received.

You can access your previous purchases at anytime by accessing your account and viewing your purchase history.

We accept all major and credit and debit cars which are Visa and MasterCard . If you’re having trouble purchasing a course with a card you can also pay via invoice, please check the following common issues for failed card purchases

International Purchases

Haddletons is based in the United Kingdom and we currently only provide courses for organisations operating within UK Law. We accept payments from UK based organisations only at this time.

Incomplete / Incorrect Name

Please ensure you are entering the first and last name of the card account holder, exactly as it appears on the card. If the name isn’t entered the same way, the purchase may be declined.

Saved Payment Method

If you have saved a card within your account as an initial step, try deleting it and re-adding it to ensure the details are correct and up to date.  You can also remove it from your account.

Multiple IPs

If you are trying to pay for the course with the same card from different devices on different IP addresses this can trigger card authorisation issues. We advise that you refrain from using a virtual private network (VPN) while making a purchase.

Too Many Attempts

If you have used your card a lot in the last 24 hours you can be subject to card limitations this is applicable to some cards. Try contacting your bank or wait until the next day to make your purchase.

CVC Code

Our payment processor only accepts numbers for this field.  Please ensure you are entering numbers and that the code is correct.

I am still having payment issues?

To protect your security and privacy, a bank does not always share why a payment method was declined.  Some of the most common reasons for bank declines include insufficient funds, card purchase limitations, card security policies, among other issues.  We recommend contacting your bank to solve the payment issue.

When choosing to pay for a bulk licenses these are classed as group pricing. You can select to pay for the entire group by online card payment or invoice.

Purchasing a course for a group you can set the option for you to enrol yourself as the group leader, this means that you will have access to undertake the online course and we will be charged for your license.

If you have requirements for a bespoke course or for more than 100 licences please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please check our terms of business We want you to be satisfied with your purchase if you have an issue with a course please contact our support team to resolve this,

If you require a refund please check our terms of business where you can find our refund policy, to request a refund please our contact support team.

All prices within our website are excluded VAT. When purchasing an online course we will add VAT within the basket and this will broken down on your order confirmation.

Depending which payment method you choose you will receive a VAT breakdown:

  • If you purchase by online card payment your order confirmation email will be your VAT receipt.
  • If you select to purchase by Invoice you will be sent an VAT invoice.

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