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You can access Haddletons Academy from your devices. Each course will have its own course requirements so check these carefully before purchasing.

Purchasing a course from Haddleton legal provides you with lifetime access, this is provided that your account is in good standing.

Can I access my the course even after I complete it?

Once you have completed the course you will have access to this from within your courses dashboard. This means you can review specific content in the course after you finish it.

The course I bought was using a coupon code ? Does lifetime access still apply?

No. the access to your courses is not affected by the price you paid.

My course was bought by my organisation?

You will have access to your courses from your account, your email address can be changed if required. We recommend speaking with your group leader about your access requirements.

Our online courses are suitable for purchase as an individual or you can purchase a course on behalf of your team or organisation.

When purchasing a course select the group option and how many licenses you want to purchase. There is the option for you to enrol yourself as the group leader, this means that you will have access to undertake the online course and we will charge for your license.

Once you have purchased your course, a new organisation will be setup within our system and then you will have the ability to manage each licence purchased by creating a user account and assigning each licence to the user. You can do this by accessing the manage my team page from within your account.

Haddleton legal is regulated by solicitors regulation authority our SRA number is 640278. All of our courses are created by our in house lawyers and checked by James Haddleton before being published on our Academy.

If you are looking to purchase a course for your team or organisation with up to 100 licences you can do this by purchasing a course and managing your team from your dashboard. Group leaders are responsible for managing their team, purchasing licences and generating user accounts.

If you have requirements for a bespoke course or for more than 100 licences please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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