Group Management

You can find out how your team are progressing with their courses through our reporting system. To do this:

  • Under your name click my team performance.
  • Select your organisation from the group.
  • Select the associated course.
  • Click filter.

Course Progress Filters

Understanding your teams performance

Once you have setup your filters you will be able to understand how each user is progressing with the associated course in a percentage.

Pie chart showing how many users have either completed, not started or are currently in progress with the associated course. This is helpful to understand how many users have not started the course and you can then contact those users.

Progress Breakdown

Pie chart showing the in progress category and how many users have progressed through the associated course. This is helpful to understand if your user base is getting stuck or needs help moving to the next module.

In Progress Breakdown

When purchasing group licenses you will be entering the amount of licences you require for the course. When managing your group you can assign licences by adding users. If you user

Adding new users

If you have licences available and not assigned to an existing users do the following:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Navigate to manage my team.
  3. Select enroll new user.
  4. enter the first & last name and email.
  5. Click add user to enroll a new user for a course.

This will send an invitation email for the user to create their account within our system and ready to take the course.

re-inviting users

If one of your users has been assigned a licence and not created their account you can send them an re-invitation email. To do this:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to manage my team.
  3. find the user from the list
  4. Click re-invite and press ok.

The system will send an invitation email to the user.

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